Okay, here’s my idea for the book give-away contest to celebrate the fact that CBS Films optioned the rights to the Children of Paranoia trilogy: the first three people to tweet (including my handle in their tweet) their realistic dream casting of who should play Joseph and Maria in the Children of Paranoia movie (fingers-crossed that it gets made), will win autographed books. Two will win autographed copies of Children of Paranoia and one of the three, selected at random, will win an autographed, advanced copy of Children of the Underground (which comes out on April 2!). Realistic casting simply means actors who are alive and relatively gender and age appropriate. Relatives of mine can suggest casting but aren’t eligible to win.

Hopefully this isn’t too complicated to follow (though, if it is, the few folks who are able to figure this out will really increase their likelihood of winning!)


ps, I’m doing the same give-away for Facebook fans of Trevor Shane, Facebook fans of Children of Paranoia and people who follow me on Twitter. Feel free to try to win in all three places but I’m limiting winners to one book.

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ThrillerFest’s Debut Authors

It was such a treat to be part of ThrillerFest’s Debut Authors’ breakfast. It was an honor to be included among such a group of talented (and nice! really, really nice!) authors.

Here’s a nice little write-up about the event from the Library Journal.

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ThrillerFest VII

I’m excited to be taking part in the Debut Author’s Breakfast at ThrillerFest VII in the Grand Hyatt in NYC tomorrow morning. If people are in NY, I hear that this is a wonderful event. It’ll be cool meeting and talking to so many other great authors.

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Writing Thrillers while Living an Ordinary Life

Here is a short write-up that I did for comparing the life of a thriller writer with what’s on the page. Let’s just say that life in a Thriller isn’t always more exhausting, exciting or (yes) thrilling, than ordinary life.

Plus, they’re hosting a contest where you can win a copy of Children of Paranoia.

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South Carolina Book Festival

I’ll be attending the South Carolina Book Festival on May 19th & 20th down in Columbia, South Carolina.  I’m excited to tentatively be on a panel on the 19th with Joseph Kanon and Jane Bradley on Perpetual Page Turners: Books You Don’t Want to Put Down. I’m very excited about it and looking forward to mingling with other readers and writers.

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Free iPhone App!

Children of Paranoia now has a free iPhone App! It’s in French but it’s pretty awesome. The French have really taken the marketing to the next level.

I’m excited to hear what people think about it.

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Guerilla Marketing in Paris

They say that there’s still only one way to get people to by books and that’s through word of mouth.  Well, Michel Lafon, the awesome publisher of Children of Paranoia in France (a/k/a Les Enfants de la Paranoia), has been doing some great guerilla marketing in France including leaving thousands of copies of Les Enfants de la Paranoia around Paris to be picked up by unsuspecting passers-by.  It’s just about the coolest thing ever.

Here’s one pick:

And another:

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Reading & Writing Podcast Intervew

I did a fun interview with the Reading & Writing Podcast back in the fall after Children of Paranoia came out and it looks like it’s finally on-line. I listened to it and was only moderately irritated by my own voice so I think it came out pretty good. As a podcast lover, I’m interested to know what people think.

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Paranoia Der Hinterhalt ***** REVIEW

Okay, I don’t speak a lot of German so haven’t been reading all of the German language reviews for Paranoia Der Hinterhalt (the German version of Children of Paranoia), but this one jumped out at me.  Not only was it an audio book review (which always warms my heart) but the reviewer made this very flattering statement: “I would give 10 stars out of 5″

If you read German, feel free to email me to let me know what the rest of the review says.

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Children of Paranoia – International Versions

I’m getting a real kick out of how different countries are handling Children of Paranoia.  The English and German versions are already out.  The Spanish and French versions come out next week.

Check out the various titles and covers:

Children of Paranoia (the English Version):

Paranoia: Der Hinterhalt (the German version):

Hijos del miedo (the Spanish version):

Les Enfants de la Paranoia (French version):

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